Tuesday, June 5, 2007


and it's time for summer school! I last taught summer school in 2005; last year, I had most of the summer to procrastinate, work in the yard, work at the bookstore, and just generally goof off!

I'm teaching the long session--fifty minutes a day for two months. For some reason, trying to condense a daily lecture into an hour seems difficult, though it shouldn't be! In my regular semester courses, I usually have an hour-and-a-half, twice a week. Same amount of time, really, so why does this seem more difficult?

Oh, it's probably just me! Trying to break down information into fifty-minute segments just seems weird! Probably my need for precision.

But I do like teaching this class. New approaches to the essay--what an eye-opener for students. You mean all essays aren't written the same way? What a concept!